Hindi Sanskrit Sahitya Parishad

Teacher Incharge : Dr. Shivani Chopra 

“Hindi Sahitya Parishad” is an Association of Hindi Department DAV College. The purpose and vision of this organisation is to involve students outside the classrooms and nurture their various creative skills. There are different clubs within Association like – Creative writing club, Film club and Discussion Forum and Study tour group. Joining this Association opens the door to new friendships, enhancing academic life, and evolving skills and talents for overall exposure to the world outside. Students learn leadership qualities, management skills and working methods in the college campus. In every academic session new In-charge among students is selected to motivate others and the participation of students community in various activities conducted in every semester. Head of Association is Dr. Shivani Chopra and Teacher In-charge of various clubs and forums within association is Dr. Kashmiri lal. Active members among students are as follow-

Sahil B.A –I year, Roll No. 11020 

Khushboo B.A – I year, Roll No. 11022

Sachin B.A –I year, 10755

Sourav B.A –I year, 10798

Sandhya B.A –I year, 11291

Ritu B.A –II year, 12476

Deepak Goyal  B.A –II year, 12570

Rajnesh Kaur B.A III year , 14182

Sourabh Chauhan B.A III year, 14102

Khushbu B.A III year, 14450.

Events organised in Academic session 2019, (Semester- July-December)

  • Kissagoi Competition (Story telling competition)
  • Panel Discussuion and students presentation on – Reading Books and fiction
  • Film screening – Shatranj ke Khiladi based on Premchand’s short story and directed by Satyajit Ray.
  • Study Tour to the Museums in the city.