Army Wing

TEACHER INCHARGE   : Dr. Nikhlesh Thakur

NCC (Army Wing)


NCC (Army Wing) of DAV College sec 10 Chandigarh was established in the year 1964 when Late Sh. Triloki Nath Ji was the head of the institution. NCC was introduced in the colleges to develop character, comradeship, the ideal of service and capacity for leadership in young men and women. Also to provide service training to young men and women so as to stimulate interest among them in the defence of the country. The motto of the Corps is “Unity and Discipline” which may well be explained as “To obey God’s orders as delivered by conscience that is duty. To obey man’s order as issued by rightful authority that is discipline. Thus NCC is a youth organisation which provides a healthy outlet for the energy of the youth by providing opportunities for development of a spirit of leadership, comradeship and patriotism. NCC (Army Wing) aims to achieve this with the training syllabus which includes subjects like Weapon Training, Map Reading, Drill, First Aid, Military Study, Military Geography and Civil Defence. The total strength of NCC (Army Wing) is 152 cadets. Many cadets from NCC (Army Wing) have joined forces as officers. Cadets have participated in Republic Day parade at New Delhi, PM Rally, Thal Sena Camp, Army Attachement Camp, Annual Training Camp, and Shooting Camp. Currently NCC (Army Wing) is headed by ANO LT (Dr) Nikhlesh Thakur. He attended Pre Commission Course-PRCN-165/ DC/SD-35 at NCC Officer’s Training Academy (OTA) at Kamptee, Nagpur (Maharashtra) from 26th November, 2018 to 23rd Feb, 2019 and was adjudged over all course topper and won most coveted DG’s Baton and Gold medal. He was awarded Direct Commission Certificate with Alpha ‘A’ grade.