Message from The Librarian


The Past four decades have witnessed drastic changes in the social, scientific, telecom, economic and environmental sectors. With these, the domain of academic and research has also changed its course. Consequently, the role of libraries have become hub and harbingers of knowledge and information. Library at DAVC 10 is becoming a part of this rapidly changing scenario and catering to the evolving needs. Our endeavor is that library should become a proper via media for faculty, research scholars and the students in their academic pursuits. With the dynamic guidance and able leadership of DAVC Managing Committee and our revered Principals, the college library is well up to the task. The library staff shall ever remain dedicated and innovative to fulfill the needs of the worthy reader. Aiming at inclusive participation from the students, events like signature campaign, book exhibitions etc. are organized from time to time. At the same time lectures/workshops are also duly held to attain academic objectives. The earnest efforts are and will always be made to make library reader-friendly and hub of intellectual resources.

- Deepti Madaan

College Librarian