The Economics Society

Teacher Incharge : Dr. Vinod Kumar Dr. Poonam Jindal

“The Economics Society”

“A new session brings in a new life – a life full of happiness, vigor and enthusiasm to crack various opportunities open wide before us.”

‘The economics Society’ is an effort of Department of Economics, DAV College, Sector 10, Chandigarh. Dr. Poonam Jindal, the incharge of the society had the original idea of establishing the society with the motto – ‘Lust for excellence shapes creativity ‘.

Students become aware of current issues of the nation and the world while taking up these issues through parliamentary debates, panel discussions, special lectures, quiz and reading – contexts.

All this helps in maintaining emotional and intellectual balance among the student community who are the ‘real capital’ of the nation.

Teachers Incharge – Dr. Poonam Jindal

Panel Members –

President – Sakshi Gautam

Vice President – Arman David

General Secretary – Madhur Goyal

Joint Secretary – Manish Luthra

Finance Secretary – Peeyush Goyal

Student Coordinator – Aditi Suman