The Commerce And Management Society

The Commerce And Management Society

The Commerce And Management Department of the college , with a vision to expertise students’ skills and  practical knowledge  formed The Commerce And Management Society the preceding year.  

The society consists of 100 members at present , who amongst the total 1400 students in the department have been wisely chosen by the senior faculty of the department, who represents the department in inter-college as well as intra-college events and competitions.  The Department of Commerce and Management consists of courses – Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Commerce and Master of Business Economics. The student body council of the society  has also been made by the faculty, representing the department, responsible for the over-all management of Commerce And Management Society.

Over the period of time Society witnessed various activities conducted by the students along with all the students of the department. The able faculty of the Commerce And Management Society, with a motive of enhancing and upbringing students’ talent, skills and development of their skills have been enthusiastically guiding the students in uplifting their managerial skills by conducting various workshops, seminars and expert talks.

The society has been trying to bring about the synthesis by imparting to the students the best of the new world with the sense of the heritage- the Anglo and Vedic values.

The mission and objectives of the Commerce and Management society coincides with that of the college’s, that is to improvise students’ knowledge, civilised manners, virtuous character, self control and other moral qualities and in dispelling ignorance.

The society has been consistently abiding by the enviable legacy of the college benchmark in the field of management and commerce. Thus, the department looks forward to bringing more laurels to the college with excellence in academics as well as co-curricular activities being conducted by the society members.

The Commerce And Management Society was founded in August 2014, Dr. Sarika Mehandru (Head Of Department, Commerce And Management) and Dr.Ritika Sharma  who are the conveners of the society. In the history of DAV College, it happened for the first time that such society has been formed by the Department of Commerce And Management.

The society was built from scratch with missionary zeal. Brick by brick, the faculty members and the students of the department put in superhuman efforts to launch the society.

And those amongst the students who saw the society come up, knew exactly, what the growth had entailed within a year. In the inaugural session, the society conducted various managerial as well as cultural events including the annual fest COLOSSEUM  which not only happened at a good level but also left a landmark in the history of college’s fests