M.A. in English, Psychology, Public Administration & Sociology (Semester System)

The duration of the course of instruction for the Master of Arts examination shall be two years and the examination shall be held in four semesters. First and Third semesters shall be from July to December and Second and Fourth semesters shall be from January to May, respectively, or as decided by the Vice-Chancellor. The examination shall be conducted at the end of each semester only in those courses which have been offered in that semester.

To qualify for the award of an M.A./M.Sc. degree in each subject taught under the Semester System, a candidate shall be required to complete successfully course work of 64 credits. The normal work load of a student during a semester will be of 16 credits. To qualify for the grant of credits for a particular course, a candidate must get at least the pass marks. If he fails in the course, he will not get credit for it. If at the end of the second semester the successfully completed courses remain less than 16 credits, he will not be allowed to join the third semester. At the end of the third semester he must have successfully completed 24 credits to enable him to join fourth semester.

A person who has passed one of the following examinations from the Panjab University or an examination recognised by the Syndicate as equivalent thereto, shall be eligible to join the M.A. degree course :–

  1. A Bachelor's degree obtaining at least 45 percent marks in the subject of Postgraduate course or 50 per cent marks in the aggregate.

  2. B.A. with Honours in the subject of the Postgraduate course or B.Sc. Hons. School course.

  3. Master's degree examination in any other subject. Provided that:

    • For the Public Administration course, a person who has passed B.A. with 45 per cent marks in any one of the subjects - Political Science or Economics or Sociology or Psychology or History.

    • For the Psychology course, a person who has passed the B.A. (2 year Course) examination with Philosophy as one of his subjects, obtaining 45 percent marks in both the papers of Philosophy or inthe Psychology paper alone or a person who has passed B.A. (3 year Course) examination obtaining 45 per cent marks in the subject of Philosophy, shall also be eligible.

Explanatory note

67 marks out of 150 shall be accepted as 45% marks in the subject of Postgraduate course. A candidate shall be deemed to have passed the examination if he obtains 35% marks in each paper. Each candidate shall be required to obtain pass marks in each course of theory and practical separately for each semester. The following are not eligible for admission to M.A. courses:

  1. If a student fails to pass M.A. Part/Semester-I or fails to appear in the examination even though he/she had requisite attendance, he/she is not allowed to seek re-admission for M.A. Part/Semester-I in the same subject.

  2. If a student fails to meet the prescribed attendance requirement, and is, therefore, debarred from sitting in the examination, or does not on his/her own volition seek permission to sit in the examination he/she should be deemed to have failed in the examination. Such a student is not allowed to seek re-admission in the same Department.

  3. If a student fails to earn promotion to the M.A. Part-II or the next semester of M.A. for any of the reasons specified in Paras (1) and (2) above for two successive years in the same or two different Departments, he/she is debarred from seeking admission in any Departments.

  4. In order to ensure the implementation of the above conditions, the columns given in the Admission Form, seeking information from the applicant on the course(s) attended by him/her in the preceding three years must be filled by him/her.

If he/she leaves these columns blank, the admission form will be rendered invalid and if he/she makes mis-statement or conceals relevant facts, his/her admission will be cancelled even if made.